Empowerment / Pamper Day

The second empowerment Day in partnership with Mid South Island Womens Refuge was held on the 19th October and was as successful and worthwhile as the first.

The day began with morning tea and a chance for the ladies to chat and ‘arrive’ before an hour-long session of martial arts and self defence instruction took place led by the Ashburton Taekwondo Club.

While this was taking place an army of beauticians and therapists set up ready to offer pampering and wellbeing to the women of the Refuge.

A grazing-buffet lunch was available that had been generously provided by our club members. Everyone tucked in to the tasty food on offer in between being transformed by the volunteer beauticians.

Each of the women was literally transformed before our very eyes and this was also an opportunity for the ladies to chat further and gradually open up regarding their personal experiences. It turned out some women had never had a professional haircut in their life and few had ever received a massage or a makeover. There was an opportunity to be shown how to wear a scarf which had been selected to suit the person’s colouring or clothes. As the morning progressed, the women transformed from shy, reserved or reluctant to interact to confident, radiant and happy individuals.

This day is the culmination of an intensive 6 week course of assertiveness training and self empowerment. It is Zonta’s way of rewarding these women who have endured experiences we cannot imagine. To walk a mile in these ladies’ shoes as they say…..

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